Few cents about my commits

Debugger: improving kotlin support and fixing #220


tutorial: RoboVM and Struct pointers mess


A struct in the C is a composite data type placed under one name in a block of memory, allowing the different variables to be accessed via a single pointer wiki.
The Bro Java to Native Bridge supports structs data type. And there are several scenarios how they are used:

LLVM7: vol1 -- kickoff and Update#1


Experiment with LLVM7 had been started. Current version of LLVM used is 3.6. Version 7 itself will not introduce any significant improvement for RoboVM compiler so far. Goal for this activity is to refresh dependencies code base.
Source code of all changes is stored in separate branch dkimitsa/robovm/llvm_70.


Very brief: LLVM library code compiles but nothing was running yet.

What has been done so far:

  • LLVM and Clang mirror repos are used as source base;
  • CMake build files updated to compile version 7;
  • Swig files for java bindings were cleaned up initially to produce clean results without need of post-work-arounds;
  • LLMV Extra code – set of helpers and wrappers used by RoboVM were updated to work with new LLVM;
  • Swift files for bindings were updated to produce v7 wrappers;
  • RoboVM compiler’s code were updated as LLVM API was changed and lot of functionality was deprecated.

All these changes brought LLVM 7 code into project and now its possible to compile RoboVM compiler code.
Things to do(high level overview):

  • RoboVm has to produce LLVM7 IR code as 3.6 is not compatible anymore;
  • Debugger DWARF IR information is also not compatible with 7.0 and has to be reworked;
  • bugs-bugs-bugs

Fix: Xcode10.1 - Invalid Swift Support



As result of testing rules_apple was wrong and Apple reject such binaries.
In general it would be enough just tp fix issue introduced in PR340 but bitcode strip and SwiftSupport/iphoneos/ will also stay as part of this PR.

Starting from Xcode 10 ARM64E arch has to be stripped from included framworks as this caused Invalid Swift Support at Apple side. There was a fix for it but sadly there was no feedback and another was introduced during the fix. As result investigation continue with Eric Nondahl report and fix is ongoing (not confirmed yet).

To fix this issue PR346 is created and it introduces following changes:

  • fixes issue introduced in PR340: copy of swift libraries in SwiftSupport/ was stripped from ARM64E arch but shell not be touched at all;
  • swift libraries are now being copied into SwiftSupport/iphoneos/ same as XCode does;
  • added code that strips all not used architectures from dynamic binaries (check rules_apple for reference). Probably it is extra as it is enough to remove simulator archs and ARM64E but it is quick win as reduces IPA size. So if it is not breaking anything lets keeping it;
  • added code that strips bitcode from dynamic binaries. Same as Xcode does. Reduces final IPA a lot;
  • as now all extra architectures are being stripped there is no need for stripArchs configuration option that was introduced in PR340. It was removed.

Solution is in progress, please report to gitter channel for any issue found.

AltPods: pods updated + new bindings(SAMKeychain, BranchMetrics, HelpShift)


AltPods were update to v1.1.0-SNAPSHOTS. Changes include:

These pods were pushed to https://oss.sonatype.org/content/repositories/snapshots maven repo under 1.1.0-SNAPSHOTS version.
Source code @github

Updates are not tested yet, please open issue if bug found.

NB: AltPods – are robopods kept at my personal standalone repo. This is done to prevent main robopods repo from turning into code graveyard. As these pods have low interest of community and low chances to be updated.

bro-gen: whats new after ios12 binding


bro-gen received several updates and new features during handling iOS12 bindings, mostly fixes but there are new ones. All changes are pushed to github.
Whats new:

RoboVM and Vector data type. Why ARKit is not working


User pjwj reported problem when he was trying to use ARKit (first one?):

Values in this matrix are not as I expect them to be, as translation components are very small (for example x*10^-35). Therefore virtual objects I’m adding to the AR scene are always positioned close to the origin.

Quick investigation shown that RoboVM is not able to handle vector data types such as simd_float4x4 (mapped to MatrixFloat4x4 in RoboVM) at compiler level. As result all vector data is passed incorrectly.
Investigation and fix is bellow.

Tutorial: [LGSideMenuController] using bro-gen to quick generate bindings


This tutorial mostly copies old one, please refer to it for more details.
It cover quick binding of LGSideMenuController.

binding: few lessons learned


While testing binding of Network.framework there were several discoveries:

  1. out of box binding to global values or bridge functions from linked static library will not work;
  2. RoboVM is not able to compile global value that returns a obj-c block;
  3. Don’t use method name copy when binding function. It will crash during compilation.

Details and workarounds bellow.

fix #336: NSProxy case - why WKWebView crashes on didReceiveAuthenticationChallenge