Few cents about my commits

Tutorial: [LGSideMenuController] using bro-gen to quick generate bindings


This tutorial mostly copies old one, please refer to it for more details.
It cover quick binding of LGSideMenuController.

binding: few lessons learned


While testing binding of Network.framework there were several discoveries:

  1. out of box binding to global values or bridge functions from linked static library will not work;
  2. RoboVM is not able to compile global value that returns a obj-c block;
  3. Don’t use method name copy when binding function. It will crash during compilation.

Details and workarounds bellow.

fix #336: NSProxy case - why WKWebView crashes on didReceiveAuthenticationChallenge


iOS 12.0 and 12.1 bindings


iOS 12.0 + 12.1 bindings have arrived as PR. These was massive API update as part of iOS12 release which includes new frameworks:

  • AuthenticationServices
  • CarPlay
  • CoreServices
  • IdentityLookupUI
  • NaturalLanguage
  • Network

Also this release delivers lot of API changes to existing framework which, bright highlights are:

  • ARKit 2
  • Metal Performance Shaders;
  • and others

Beside updating API itself cocoatouch receives lot of patches as result of improvement of bro-gen script. (TODO: There will be detailed post about this)
Following was improved:

  • fixed lot of broken enum entires (names were generated cut or prefix was not determinated);
  • exposed missing inherited constructors which added lot of missing constructors;
  • applied inherited configuration that reduce number of config entries to be put in yaml;
  • methods where WithXX was generated were mostly located and correctly renamed (this probably might be a breaking change);
  • lot of different minor fixes to generator;

It is to be tested for other breaking changes but I hope it will be merged back in week or two.

RoboVM: Workaround for enhance.co


As continue of previous post here is a workaround:
Solution is to keep static linking to Enhance class from libconnector.a. To achieve result lets introduce objc class that extends(and as result statically links) from Enhance:

Why enhance.co injected functionlity does not work mostly in RoboVM (as per today)


User OceanBreezeGames reported following issue on Gitter channel that was interesting to investigate:

Enhanced ipa fails with:
Terminating app due to uncaught exception 'NSInvalidArgumentException', reason: '+[Enhance isInterstitialReady]: unrecognized selector sent to class 0x103343eb8'

Tried enhancing the app several time and it sometimes worked and sometimes not. For start how it expected to work:

RoboVM maintenance: keeping up to date


Today maintenance PR326 delivers following:

  • fixes gradle’s ` Warning: org.robovm.apple.uikit.UIWindow is a phantom class! [issue](https://gitter.im/MobiVM/robovm?at=5b98e2c4f3c26b08f6664e07) when using v4 and implementation` as dependency command. This was happening due using outdated configuration name in dependency path resolution:
// configure the runtime classpath
Set<File> classpathEntries = project.getConfigurations().getByName("runtime").getFiles();


 // The name of the "runtime" configuration. This configuration is deprecated and doesn't represent a correct view of
 // the runtime dependencies of a component.
  • update to Idea 2018.2.3: fixes broken Idea plugin build due to gradle dependencies needs to be specified
  • update to Xcode10: sdk 10.14 and removed x86 mac target as deprecated and breaks build process

okhttp3 v3.11.0: playing nice with RoboVM


As stated in #325 it doesn’t work. The reason for this is that okhttp3 detects RoboVM as Android (as there are corresponding providers classes present). And crashes while tries to access Android’s Build class, which is not found:

java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: android/os/Build$VERSION
	at okhttp3.internal.platform.AndroidPlatform.getSSLContext(AndroidPlatform.java:434)
	at okhttp3.OkHttpClient.newSslSocketFactory(OkHttpClient.java:282)

Dirty and fast solution is just to add Build class to your class path:

package android.os;

public final class Build {
    public final static class VERSION {
        public final static int SDK_INT = 16; // android 4.1

Long term solution would be updating to OpenJDK10.

XCode/IB: fix for invisible segue actions


Alex @avazquezdev 10:32 I’ve been following the basic navigation tutorial using storyboard, but I have the problem that it’s not possible to adding an Unwind Segue. I select Ctrl-drag from the Cancel button to the exit symbol of the editing scene but the exit symbol is not selectable. Could there be a problem generating the Xcode project? I’d like to make sure it’s not a problem with my code. Here you can see the example.title

To have segue action assignments works corresponding objc code shell contains code with action defined as bellow:

 * IBAction unwindToNameList
-(IBAction) unwindToNameList:(UIStoryboardSegue*) sender;

But XCode project generator didn’t make difference in parameter types and uses id for everything, as result IB doesn’t see this method as subject for unwind operations:

-(IBAction) unwindToNameList:(id) sender;

The fix is to provide argument type for actions in case of native or custom classes. Changes are available in PR323

ios12 fix delivery to boehm-gc upstream


The fix is confirmed by users.
Same fixes were merged into boehm-gc code base and delivered as PR232, also issue #231 was created to track case.
Also up-to-date boehm-gc with these changes for RoboVM is available in my branch dkimitsa/boehm-gc. Will investigate if there is any benefit to upgrade to recent boehm-gc once ios12 is released.