Few cents about my commits

RoboVM plans for 2018, Now on Patreon


2017 was quite effective for RoboVM as for me and there was lot of things introduced in it. I’m pleasured to contribute bunch of shiny things as well. But things change and in all RoboVM projects I was enrolled are winding down in 2018. This changes few moments for me:

RoboVm is out of my office schedule in 2018. I will not be able to spend a thousand hours (like it was in 2017) to contribute to project anymore. Also this will limit hardware access available to me.
Sad but this changes just format I’m working and moves RoboVM to hobby corner at my personal hours.

Having external support now is nice idea as this allows to have a backup and helps to solve any hardware/software issues that would requires cost.

Also I’m available for hire for one-time services like custom RoboVM features development or another SDK binding. Just drop me a mail to demyan.kimitsa@gmail.com.

I’m starting Patreon page. Please support me there if you feel my future contribution matter for you. Thank you.

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