Few cents about my commits

improved Framework target + bunch of fixes


Main effort was put provide better support for Framework target. During coding bunch of bugs have been fixed ands several improvements were done. All these changes delivered as PR253. Complete list of changes:

  • Fixed: there was no target type checking and it was possible to select Framework module in iOS run configuration;
  • Added template for Framework target;
  • Added framework support native library, so there is no need to write native support for Framework anymore (there will be a tutorial link later);
  • Framework target is added to RoboVM projects list in Idea plugin;

  • Idea plugin: RoboVM related items has been moved to RoboVM menu, also added to menu:
    • clean cache functionality;
    • menu item to bring up “Create framework” dialog;
    • create new Project/Module as workaround for Android Studio;
  • Added dialog to build framework target in Idea plugin;
  • Fixed completely broken “Add new module” functionality in Idea:
    • new module files were unpacked in project directory instead of module one;
    • files are now extracted to folder specified by content root parameter;
    • sometimes gradle import was starting before files are extracted to dist (fixed);
  • Fixed bug when launcher was putting get-task-allow: true for cases when application was signed with adhoc or enterprise provisioning profile which caused application signature become invalid;