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bugfix: Debugger - broken step over and crashed when using lambda


Fix PR #257

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1. It was not possible to step over code if this code was generating exception (even if it was handling it)

These lines were not possible to step over as in exists() there was exception generated/catch:

new File("/some/invalid/path").exists();
new File("/some/invalid/path").exists();

Root case: once VM reported exception it also removed stepping constraints from target, and JDWP implementation was not restoring when handling these event.
Solution: restore constraints if exception is ignored and not reported to IDE(jdwp client);

2. Debugger was incorrectly resolving scope of local variables if their usage was starting with invoking of lambda

This bug caused application to crash when debugging the following example:

private void startParsing() {
	List<File> cachesToParse = new ArrayList<>();
	File arm32cache = new File("/System/Library/Caches/com.apple.dyld/dyld_shared_cache_armv7s");
	File arm64cache = new File("/System/Library/Caches/com.apple.dyld/dyld_shared_cache_arm64");

    // breakpoint at this line crashed the app
	if (arm32cache.exists())
	if (arm64cache.exists())
	for (File cacheFile : cachesToParse) {
		try {
			DyLdCache cache = new DyLdCache(cacheFile);
			cache.readImages((image, imageIdx, imageCnt) -> NSOperationQueue.getMainQueue().addOperation(() -> {
				label.setText("Reading: (" + imageIdx + "/" + imageCnt + ") " + image );
		} catch (MachOException e) {

Root case: variable cache was incorrectly resolved to have scope starting at first line of the method. And at moment of breakpoint debugger was trying to read value of cache variable but it was not defined yet. That caused BAD_ACCESS exception and crash. This was happening due following scenario:

  • RoboVM implements Lambdas as external classe and replaces call to it with invocation of static method of newly generated class;
  • the variable cache has first unit usage set to lambda invocation but this code was replaced with generated one;
  • generated code doesn’t contain line number information and this caused debugger to consider this variable to be scoped from first line of method;
    Solution: add line number information to generated code same as it was in original lambda invocation.