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bugfix #233: Unable to start 12.5 inch iPad simulator


History Unable to start 12.5 inch iPad simulator #233
Fix PR273

Recently there was a fix for simulator selection in Idea. Its turned out that there is a similar gradle one. But gradle is broken in different way:
gradle -Probovm.arch=x86_64 -Probovm.device.name="iPad Pro (12.9-inch) (2nd generation)" launchIPadSimulator

failed with message
Unable to find a matching device [arch=x86_64, family=iPad, name=iPad Pro (12.9-inch) (2nd generation), sdk=null]

Root case is very simple, code in DeviceType.filter() replaced any ‘-‘ with ‘ ‘ by following code snipped:
deviceName = deviceName == null ? null : deviceName.toLowerCase().replaceAll("-", " ");

as result it was looking for device with name iPad Pro (12.9 inch) (2nd generation) (without ‘-‘) and of course was not able to locate it.