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Intellij Idea/Android Studio: fixing annoying 'android-gradle' facet


This post is outdated. Please follow to post.

Last year AS/Idea become real pain in case Java project is mixed with Android one. This results of “android-gradle” facet and project type to be created. And these project type doesn’t play nice with RoboVM/Java projects. Nothing is working.
There is already several issues about this in the field:

It is almost year as JetBrains fixes it. So there is a hack which allows to run it:
DISCLAIMER: Do not know if this way is correct and it would have side effects I don’t know about but at least it allows RoboVM to run.
(the fix is for 173.4548 version of Idea)

This patch is outdated. Please follow to post.

Index: android/src/com/android/tools/idea/gradle/project/sync/idea/AndroidGradleProjectResolver.java
IDEA additional info:
Subsystem: com.intellij.openapi.diff.impl.patch.CharsetEP
--- android/src/com/android/tools/idea/gradle/project/sync/idea/AndroidGradleProjectResolver.java	(revision 099db0922f5c4680779ca7946925dd58b825f378)
+++ android/src/com/android/tools/idea/gradle/project/sync/idea/AndroidGradleProjectResolver.java	(date 1519905777000)
@@ -224,17 +224,7 @@

-    BuildScriptClasspathModel buildScriptModel = resolverCtx.getExtraProject(BuildScriptClasspathModel.class);
-    String gradleVersion = buildScriptModel != null ? buildScriptModel.getGradleVersion() : null;
-    File buildFilePath = buildScript.getSourceFile();
-    GradleModuleModel gradleModuleModel = new GradleModuleModel(moduleName, gradleProject, buildFilePath, gradleVersion);
-    ideModule.createChild(GRADLE_MODULE_MODEL, gradleModuleModel);
-    if (nativeAndroidProject == null && (androidProject == null || androidProjectWithoutVariants)) {
-      // This is a Java lib module.
-      createJavaProject(gradleModule, ideModule, androidProjectWithoutVariants);
-    }
+    nextResolver.populateModuleContentRoots(gradleModule, ideModule);

   private void createJavaProject(@NotNull IdeaModule gradleModule,

What in the fix

The fix changes the logic to following:

  • if it is not Android module
  • and if it is not AndroidNDK module
  • and if it is not Root module (with settings.gradle)
  • just pass control to Next resolver instead of creating android-gradle project.

How to apply fix

Checkout Android plugin, make changes and replace it in Idea installation folder (long way). Or short way:

Jar hacking

Lets just compile single AndroidGradleProjectResolver.java and replace this class file inside android.jar:

  1. Create empty Java project in Idea (just pure java, without gradle and other stuff);
  2. Get AndroidGradleProjectResolver.java from github/Android plugin for Idea. Make sure to pick up version that matches Idea you are running;
  3. Copy AndroidGradleProjectResolver.java to src folder and fix package to expected;
  4. Add missing dependencies from Idea installation, following jar libs is enough:
    • /Applications/IntelliJ IDEA CE.app/Contents/lib
    • /Applications/IntelliJ IDEA CE.app/Contents/plugins/android/lib
    • /Applications/IntelliJ IDEA CE.app/Contents/plugins/gradle/lib
  5. Compile it
  6. pickup AndroidGradleProjectResolver.class from out folder and replace with it corresponding file in /Applications/IntelliJ IDEA CE.app/Contents/plugins/android/lib/android.jar