Few cents about my commits

W/L: Device system log and screenshoot capture for Idea (same as in Xcode)


Continue extending functionality for Linux/Windows port. Today device system log and screenshot capture were added. This functionality is available in Xcode on Mac but on Windows/Linux it would require external tool. It was required to adjust libmobiledevice bindings, some RoboVM classes and Idea plugin to make it available for user.
Whats new in idea Syslog functionality almost copies Android Logcat as code from AOSP was used as reference.

Capture screenshot icon is available on Syslog panel and can be seen on screenshot above. Syslog panel can be activated from both View-Tool Windows and RoboVM menus.

Source code All changes can be seen in the wl_device_support branch on project github page. libmobiledevice binaries are not committed and has to be built from source.

Changes to libmobiledevice Both syslog and screenshot are possible to retrieve by using libmobiledevice. This library is already used in RoboVM for application deployment to device. Most if the work that were done is to create bindings for syslog_relay and screenshotr apis. It was done extending swig script and using swig. Beside binding itself there was middle level helpers introduced to make work with libmobiledevice more code friendly.