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Intellij Idea/Android Studio: never ending battle with annoying 'android-gradle'


UPDATE: possible solution delivered
Previous post on this topic described how to hack android.jar.
That approach has own flaws such as it is not working properly with recent Android Studio. Now there is another way to fight the issue – remove android-gradle and java-gradle in automatic way.

Way to fix

To have it done automatically I just wrote simple plugin with only duty to remove these annoying facets.
Source code is available at my codesnippets github repo.
Compiled plugin can be downloaded from here.
Plugin has ‘Fix for Android Gradle Facet’ name in the list and can be removed any minute.

What it does?

  1. Registers as ProjectComponent to get notified once project is created;
  2. For project it subscribes for Project wide facet change notifications;
    public AndroidFacetRemoverProjectComponent(Project p) {
     myProject = p;
     ProjectWideFacetListenersRegistry.getInstance(myProject).registerListener(new ProjectWideFacetAdapter<Facet>(){
         public void facetAdded(Facet facet) {
             if (facet.getTypeId().equals(GradleFacet.getFacetTypeId()))
  3. If there is android-gradle added it triggers facet cleanup:
    private void removeExtraFacets() {
    ApplicationManager.getApplication().runWriteAction(() -> {
        for (Module module : ModuleManager.getInstance(myProject).getModules()) {
            if (AndroidFacet.getInstance(module) == null && GradleFacet.getInstance(module) != null) {
                ModifiableFacetModel model = FacetManager.getInstance(module).createModifiableModel();
                facetsRemoved = GradleFacet.getFacetId();
                if (JavaFacet.getInstance(module) != null) {

IntelliJ Idea

Just install the plugin and it will be removing the facets. It will output to Event-log messages about modules being cleaned-up:

1:15 PM Facets removed: android-gradle from module ios
1:15 PM Facets removed: android-gradle from module core

Google Android Studio

It is almost not usable with Java or RoboVM projects as it is highly focused around android. Simple Project structure looks horrible in it and is not usable (no java or robovm modules etc):

Solution is to run Android Studio in IntelliJ Idea mode, simple run it without specifying platform prefix with shell script similar to this:

export CS="${JAVA_HOME}/lib/tools.jar"
export CS="${CS}:/Applications/Android Studio.app/Contents/lib/log4j.jar"  
export CS="${CS}:/Applications/Android Studio.app/Contents/lib/jdom.jar"  
export CS="${CS}:/Applications/Android Studio.app/Contents/lib/trove4j.jar"  
export CS="${CS}:/Applications/Android Studio.app/Contents/lib/openapi.jar"  
export CS="${CS}:/Applications/Android Studio.app/Contents/lib/util.jar"  
export CS="${CS}:/Applications/Android Studio.app/Contents/lib/extensions.jar"  
export CS="${CS}:/Applications/Android Studio.app/Contents/lib/bootstrap.jar"
export CS="${CS}:/Applications/Android Studio.app/Contents/lib/idea_rt.jar"
export CS="${CS}:/Applications/Android Studio.app/Contents/lib/idea.jar"
${JAVA_HOME}/bin/java -classpath "${CS}" com.intellij.idea.Main

After this plugin can be installed and AS will act mostly as Idea but will keep all android related stuff.