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bugfix: breakpoints were not working in Kotlin code


Previous debugger maintenance allowed to build kotlin code for debug and attach debugger for it. It was even possible to step-in into kotlin code. Absence of any kotlin experience didn’t allow to test it deeper. As it kept failing on simplest case, setting of breakpoint, with following message:

No executable code found at line XX in class YYYY

Root case of this – debug plugin and debugger considered JVM code as compiled from Java file and returned .java file extension everywhere.
The fix is bellow:

Root case

JDWP ReferenceType(2).SourceFile(7) request hander in debugger had no information about source file for class and was building it from class name as bellow:

filename = class_name + .java

This caused Idea to consider things wrong and show No executable code found at ... The fix is to return valid file name but at this point debugger had no information for source file name.

Extending debug information

Solution is to extend existing debug information payload with class source name. This information is available from soot during compilation time. Once valid file name returned by ReferenceType(2).SourceFile(7) issue is gone.
Check details in the commit