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ios12 beta: root cause of RoboVM hangs/crashes vol3


This post continues series of investigations #1 #2). Root case – boehm-gc doesn’t resume all threads it paused during GC_stop_world. Details bellow.


During this calls GC stops everything, it obtains list of threads using task_threads then suspends every using thread_suspend and saves reference to this tread into GC_mach_threads array.


During this calls GC resumes everything, it obtains list of threads using task_threads then looks in GC_mach_threads for this thread record. And if it was suspended without issues – resumes it.

The problem

The issue here is that GC_mach_threads entry defined as:

struct GC_mach_thread {
    thread_act_t thread;
    GC_bool already_suspended;

And GC_mach_thread.thread is mach_port_t object and its value might not be same between task_threads calls. In other words during GC_start_world is not able find thread it suspended and not resuming it.


For more details I looked into xnu-4570.41.2 sources @ apple opensource. And threads that are returned by task_threads are mach_port_t which life cycle is reference count based. And once it is not reference anywhere it might be marked as not active and released.
GC code does mach_port_deallocate to each thread reference but keeps this value.

I did quick POC code that just keeps calling task_threads twice and tries to compare list and issue was reproduced. I used thread_info / THREAD_IDENTIFIER_INFO to obtain system wide thread id to make sure that same thread exists but its mach_port id changed.

Obviously something changed in iOS12 as in previous versions this mach_port thread id wasn’t changing (e.g. probably it was extra retained by system).


Sadly today I have no time due vacation/national tournament to come with fix but hope to do it during next week.
The solution: is not release mach_port thread id for threads marked as suspended.