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XCode/IB: fix for invisible segue actions


Alex @avazquezdev 10:32 I’ve been following the basic navigation tutorial using storyboard, but I have the problem that it’s not possible to adding an Unwind Segue. I select Ctrl-drag from the Cancel button to the exit symbol of the editing scene but the exit symbol is not selectable. Could there be a problem generating the Xcode project? I’d like to make sure it’s not a problem with my code. Here you can see the example.title

To have segue action assignments works corresponding objc code shell contains code with action defined as bellow:

 * IBAction unwindToNameList
-(IBAction) unwindToNameList:(UIStoryboardSegue*) sender;

But XCode project generator didn’t make difference in parameter types and uses id for everything, as result IB doesn’t see this method as subject for unwind operations:

-(IBAction) unwindToNameList:(id) sender;

The fix is to provide argument type for actions in case of native or custom classes. Changes are available in PR323