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RoboVM: Workaround for enhance.co


As continue of previous post here is a workaround:
Solution is to keep static linking to Enhance class from libconnector.a. To achieve result lets introduce objc class that extends(and as result statically links) from Enhance:
(all source codes at github)
Simple XCode static library project was cleated with single wrapper class:

#import <Foundation/Foundation.h>
#import "enhance.h"

@interface EnhanceW : Enhance

Compile and pack everything with build.sh script into fat library libenhancew.a and it is ready to be used with RoboVM.
Bindings needs to be manually updated to point to wrapper EnhanceW class:

/*<visibility>*/public/*</visibility>*/ class /*<name>*/Enhance/*</name>*/
    extends /*<extends>*/NSObject/*</extends>*/
    /*<implements>*//*</implements>*/ {

NP: Don’t forget to update reference in robovm.xml from `libconnector.a` into `libenhancew.a`