Few cents about my commits

iOS 12.0 and 12.1 bindings


iOS 12.0 + 12.1 bindings have arrived as PR. These was massive API update as part of iOS12 release which includes new frameworks:

  • AuthenticationServices
  • CarPlay
  • CoreServices
  • IdentityLookupUI
  • NaturalLanguage
  • Network

Also this release delivers lot of API changes to existing framework which, bright highlights are:

  • ARKit 2
  • Metal Performance Shaders;
  • and others

Beside updating API itself cocoatouch receives lot of patches as result of improvement of bro-gen script. (TODO: There will be detailed post about this)
Following was improved:

  • fixed lot of broken enum entires (names were generated cut or prefix was not determinated);
  • exposed missing inherited constructors which added lot of missing constructors;
  • applied inherited configuration that reduce number of config entries to be put in yaml;
  • methods where WithXX was generated were mostly located and correctly renamed (this probably might be a breaking change);
  • lot of different minor fixes to generator;

It is to be tested for other breaking changes but I hope it will be merged back in week or two.