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bro-gen: whats new after ios12 binding


bro-gen received several updates and new features during handling iOS12 bindings, mostly fixes but there are new ones. All changes are pushed to github.
Whats new:


Apple started grouping constants into typed enums. Mostly in favor of Swift. This limit values that can be used with APIs (for example key for NSDictionary).

typedef NSString * CIImageOption NS_TYPED_ENUM;
CORE_IMAGE_EXPORT CIImageOption const kCIImageTextureTarget CI_GL_DEPRECATED_MAC(10_9,10_14);
CORE_IMAGE_EXPORT CIImageOption const kCIImageTextureFormat CI_GL_DEPRECATED_MAC(10_9,10_14);
+ (CIImage *)imageWithCGImage:(CGImageRef)image options:(nullable NSDictionary<CIImageOption, id> *)options;

In RoboVM cocoa binding there are NSDictionaryWrapper and GlobalValueEnumeration to subclass that were used long time for same purpose. But to make bro to generate class for it was required to create Values configurations:

        dictionary: CIImageOptions
        name: '${g[0]}'
        type: NSString

New functionality allows to define typed enum/dictionary based on typedef and not set of keys:

        dictionary: CIImageOptions
        type: NSString

Definition is similar to one used for values grouping but also adds ‘prefix’ and ‘suffix’ parameters that allows removing extra texts from items;


Configuration key intended to override type resolution used in generics. On of the reason for it that some types are resolved (through typedefs) to deeply to java one that these are not compatible with cocoa anymore, for example NSString being converted to Java String: NSDictionary<String, ?> which makes it fail to compile. Before this change it was required to manually setup return/parameter types for methods. Today foundation.yaml contains following code:

    'NSString *': String
    'NSString *': NSString

inherited initializers exposed

Bro-ben was creating constructors for classes only if these were present in corresponding objc class. For example initWithFrame is missing in UIButton but declared in UIView as -(instancetype)initWithFrame:(CGRect)frame; and is available for UIButton. This change exposed lot of hidden constructors.

inherited configuration

This feature automatically searches for method configuration is super class. This reduce amount of configuration to be written in case such method can be found in one of super classes. Bright example is -initWithCoder: which is declared in many files but configuration for it can be picked from root protocol.

better suggestion

Suggestion updated to:

  • not notify about missing configuration for method in class if this method is from protocol (it is enough to setup it for protocol);
  • it will suggest to proper name any methods that has objc specific With text. E.g. encodeWithData shall be named java-style encode;
  • as result of inherited configuration feature it will mark methods with missing configuration that are also present in super classes. As it is enough now to configure it in lowest class in hierarchy.

Deprecation/availability messages now are written to javadoc section:

 * @since Available in iOS 6.0 and later.
 * @deprecated Deprecated in iOS 12.0. Use [SKDownload state] instead


Very specific parameter for protocols. When protocol is marked with skip_implements: true all objects that implement it will not have reference to this protocol in implements section but protocol methods will be included into class. This is very specific feature was required for CKRecordKeyValueSetting protocol and CKRecord only/

Other fixes

  • Constant status resolution sometimes not comes through. This was leading to lot of setter for read-only values;
  • fix for crash due unhandled cursor type 417=CXCursor_VisibilityAttr, just ignoring
  • fixed enum item naming when there was only one item in enum. It was not able to find out common prefix. Now enum name is used as common prefix in this case.