Few cents about my commits

iOS 13 bindings


iOS 13

bindings have arrived as PR406.
iOS13 introduces bunch of new frameworks:

  • ImageCaptureCore
  • VisionKit
  • SoundAnalysis
  • QuickLookThumbnailing
  • PencilKit
  • MetricKit
  • CryptoTokenKit
  • CoreHaptics
  • BackgroundTasks
  • LinkPresentaion

Beside new ones also missing in previous binding cycle frameworks were added:

  • (new from ios 10) Speech
  • (new from ios 9.3) HealthKitUI
  • (new from ios 11) DeviceCheck
  • (new from ios 10) CallKit
  • (new from ios 11.3) BusinessChat

Beside new framework there was massive API from iOS13. Also this PR delivers lot of fixes to existing bindings as well as generic classes received template parameters (with enhanced version of bro-gen).

Known issues

  • ios13 changed few previously existing classes were common api were moved to new super class introduced in ios13. As result running on pre-ios12 will cause crash due native class not found. This to be fixed in RoboVM obj-c runtime itself;
  • several existing API naming were changed (to improve namings). this might break existing code;