Few cents about my commits

RoboVM 2.3.8 released, what's new


What’s new

  • [fixed] #408 Cannot compile AUMIDIEvent;
  • [fixed] #414 Deployment to ios13 device, updated libimobiledevice lib’s bindings;
  • [fixed] swiched to simctl to support Xcode11 simulator PR#410;
  • [improvement] kotlin improvements: debugger and compilation PR#349
  • [fixed] #387 CGBitmapContext.create fails on real device for big sizes;
  • [added] support for packed structures PR#378;
  • [fixed] Broken enum marshallers cleanup PR#377;
  • [fixed] Debugger crashed when native thread exited while paused on breakpoint PR#384;

What’s in progress

Meanwhile work in progress happening in support for JDK12 tools on host branch, it contains following changes:

  • all builds scripts reworked to allow building RoboVM using JDK9+ (works with JDK13) PR#400;
  • ios13 bindings PR#406;
  • Idea plugin workaround for long-going android gradle faset #242, PR#401;
  • On-going series of Cocoa13-postfixes

Happy coding!
Please report any issue to tracker.