Few cents about my commits

RoboVM 2.3.11 release and 2.3.12-SNAPSHOT


Available at Idea Marketplace (for AndroidStudio as well), also IDE plugins are available for download.

2.3.11: What’s new

Mostly maintenance release:

  • fixed: ios14 device session hang (restart didn’t work) PR520
  • fixed: debugger session hang if class was loaded during stepping PR521


Includes functionality currently in testing:

  • iOS14 bindings PR515
  • support for entitlements for Simulator target PR535

Installing SNAPSHOT from custom plugin repository

In settings dialog:

  • select Manage Plugin Repositories;
  • add https://dkimitsa.github.io/assets/mobivm-snapshot.xml for installing the latest snapshot;

Then switch to Market place search for MobiVM;

Happy coding!
Please report any issue to tracker.