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bro-gen: static methods and polymorphism


There is one binding trick related to inherited class methods/properties in objc code. Polymorphism is not available for static methods in Java and compiler resolves target for static call during compilation time. Following obj-c code and Java binding demostrate the issue:

@interface Abstract : NSObject
+(void) test;

@interface TestObject : Abstract

Corresponding binding:

public class Abstract extends NSObject {
    public Abstract() {}
    @Method(selector = "test")
    public static native void test();

public class TestObject extends Abstract {
    public TestObject() {}

Java call TestObject.test() will fail while obj-c call [TestObject test] is not. Root case – static method invocation is resolved compilation time and test() method is present in Abstract. This produces Abstract.test() call that corresponds to obj-c call [Abstract test].

The fix

Is to copy all static methods/properties from super-classes/protocols into target class. Bro-gen script was updated to do this automatically.