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Alt-pods binding -- useful script


Alt-pods binding process includes time-consuming preparation activities like download binaries/copy/update versions etc. An attempt to automate these was made and messy scripts/dumpdeps.kts was born.
It automates following flow:

  • gives instruction where to download framework to;
  • deletes header files in bro/ folder and copies new;
  • deletes java/ folder with existing bindings;
  • invokes bro-gen script to perform binding;
  • tries to fetch version information from where possible;
  • updates version information in pom.xml/readme files;
  • can process multiple frameworks in multi-thread mode;

Also its kotlin-script, and it can be debugged in Idea.


Once started without parameters will print help:

robovm-robopods % ./scripts/harvester.kts                
Error: not specified framework to process !
scripts/harvester.kts [--help] [-v] [-p] [framework1 framework2 ...]
   --help, -h : prints this help and exits
           -v : enables verbose output
           -p : enables parallel processing
           -i : interactive mode, will check for existing folder and wait for it
   frameworkX : list of frameworks to process. if not specified all frameworks will be processed
Known frameworks:
Known gropus:

Interactive mode

Useful mode that will check if framework binaries were downloaded and if not will print short instruction:

dkimitsa@dkimitsas-Pro robovm-robopods % ./scripts/harvester.kts -i -v Firebase
FirebaseCore.framework:  <<<< starting processing

Missing source header for FirebaseCore.framework at location:

Download latest Firebase.zip from https://github.com/firebase/firebase-ios-sdk/releases
Unpack it, expected location /Users/dkimitsa/Downloads/Firebase

Press ENTER key once solved


Follow the bro-gen output. If there is API changes present corresponding yaml file to be processed.

Parallel processing

Frameworks will be processed simultaneously if -p argument is specified. This will produce messy output to console and doesn’t work if interactive mode -i requested.
Useful if another sanity run required to be processed.

Warning – keep manual code

Script will remove java/ folder this means that all data including manually added code will be lost. While bro-gen will regenerate most of the code, manually added code need to be merged back.