Few cents about my commits

RoboVM 2.3.13 release and 2.3.14-SNAPSHOT


Available at Idea Marketplace (for AndroidStudio as well), also IDE plugins are available for download.

2.3.13: What’s new

Fixes and maintenance release:

  • fixed: NumberFormatException when compiling 1.4/1.5 kotlin code for Debugger PR581
  • changed: the way how dynamic libraries appears at linker command line PR580
  • fixed #561: reverted binding of structs with flexible array members PR565
  • fixed: GlobalValueEnumeration crash #567 PR571
  • reworked way swift dependencies are picked up PR552
  • Idea plugin maintenance: support for 2021.1 EAP PR570
  • fix for #557. merged several CryptoLib/OpenSSL fixes PR564
  • fix for: ClassCastException - passing java Interface implementation as ObjC protocol PR563
  • hot fix for CompilerException while compiling UIKey.keyCode PR553
  • CocoaTouch 14.3 and fixes PR551
  • fixed: @ByVal is not working for GlobalValues/Struct getters PR550
  • fixed #542: Dagger with Kotlin, IDE IPA Creation Problem PR549


Includes functionality currently in testing:

Happy coding!
Please report any issue to tracker.