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bro-gen: whats new after ios11 binding


bro-gen received several updates and new features during handling iOS11 bindings, mostly fixes but there are new ones.

  1. new output suggestion yaml after run that allows create bindings really fast
  2. new enum configuration is updated with nserror flag that is used to generate NSError subclass automatically to associate codes with class domain
  3. updated block parameter generation there is no need anymore to typedef blocks parameters
  4. updated block generation that it can handle argument type of another block inside in block definition
  5. new parameter to method configuration ‘static_constructor_name’ that allows to create static creator wrapper when it is not possible to create two constructors due having same arguments configuration. Bellow is a place where this workaround is used:
     INPriceRange: #since 10.0
                 name: initWithMaximumPrice
                 static_constructor_name: createWithMaximumPrice
                 name: initWithMinimumPrice
                 static_constructor_name: createWithMinimumPrice
  6. fixed protocol adapter generation in case it inherits more than one protocol. it was just extending first adapter and other protocol’s methods were not implemented
  7. updated property logic to allow class level properties to be specified (just use + in name, e.g. ‘+property:’). This is required in some cases when in class there is a class and an instance property with same name. this produces two methods in java intansce one and static with same name. So this options allows to assign different name for either class or instance one

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