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iOS13 PostFix #6: Fixes to Network framework bindings


This post continues the series of fixes discovered during compilation of CocoaTouch library and improvements to compiler.

PostFix #6: Fixes to Network framework bindings

As metntioned in gitter channel a try to use NWPathMonitor fails with ObjCClassNotFoundException: OS_nw_path_monitor. The binding of Network framework differs from common approach in way it is completely functional interface. Most of API might be simply grouped into two groups:

  • creators: CLASS INST = function_Create()
  • usage: function_Usage(CLASS INST, other params) RoboVM bro compiler allow to use such functions as class memebers, e.g.:
    function_Usage(CLASS INST, other params)
    class CLASS {
      function_Usage( other params)

Same time bro-gen extracts types defined in framework as protocols (like NWPathMonitor is defined as OS_nw_path_monitor) and closes binding for it is a NativeProtocolProxy. Which shall work in general case but not this.

Other postfixes:

Root case

NativeProtocolProxy works great presenting protocols as object but in this case it fails runtime with ObjCClassNotFoundException: OS_nw_path_monitor. This exception means that there is no such protocol registered in objc runtime. Simple objc runtime code was used to check if protocol is present in runtime:

-(void) test:(const char *) name {
    NSLog(@"%s == %@", name, objc_getProtocol(name));

And for all protocols used in binding results are following:

OS_nw_object == (null)
OS_nw_advertise_descriptor == <Protocol: 0x7fff89eb9520>
OS_nw_content_context == <Protocol: 0x7fff89eba480>
OS_nw_endpoint == <Protocol: 0x7fff89ef3480>
OS_nw_error == <Protocol: 0x7fff89eba1e0>
OS_nw_interface == <Protocol: 0x7fff89eb9f40>
OS_nw_listener == <Protocol: 0x7fff89f81680>
OS_nw_parameters == <Protocol: 0x7fff89eb9a60>
OS_nw_path == <Protocol: 0x7fff89fcc4a0>
OS_nw_path_monitor == (null)
OS_nw_protocol_definition == <Protocol: 0x7fff89eb9c40>
OS_nw_protocol_metadata == <Protocol: 0x7fff89eb9b80>
OS_nw_protocol_options == <Protocol: 0x7fff89f62780>
OS_nw_protocol_stack == <Protocol: 0x7fff89eb9ac0>
OS_nw_browse_descriptor == <Protocol: 0x7fff89eba240>
OS_nw_browse_result == <Protocol: 0x7fff89f6e480>
OS_nw_browser == <Protocol: 0x7fff89eb9e80>
OS_nw_data_transfer_report == <Protocol: 0x7fff89fec660>
OS_nw_establishment_report == <Protocol: 0x7fff89eb9580>
OS_nw_ethernet_channel == (null)
OS_nw_framer == <Protocol: 0x7fff8a0124c0>
OS_nw_txt_record == <Protocol: 0x7fff89eb9760>
OS_nw_ws_request == <Protocol: 0x7fff89f94a60>
OS_nw_ws_response == <Protocol: 0x7fff89eb9b20>

Three protocols are missing in runtime of iOS13.3. Another simple also confirms same:

    nw_path_monitor_t monitor = nw_path_monitor_create();
    NSLog(@"%@", monitor.class);
    // output >> NWConcrete_nw_path_evaluator
    NSLog(@"%d", [monitor conformsToProtocol:@protocol(OS_nw_path_monitor)]);
    // output >> 0


As compilation time protocols are missing at runtime, these names can’t be used for bindings. In general we just need to send messages to selectors defined (but not present) protocol of monitor. To achieve this each object being bind to be marked as @NativeClass(NSObject.class). Its a hack way but it works as:

  • each java class will consider as it NSObject behind and will not crash due objc class not found;
  • calling the objc methods will cause msg_send to use used to send message to selector of instance. And its normal thing in objc;
  • Network framework api is function oriented, so invoking it from java will cause function call (even not msg_send) with object instance passed as first parameter.

What will not work with this workaround: any API that returns Network objects as NSObject will not be able to find its Java class (as each java class bind to NSObject) and will marshal it to NSObject. But there is no such api in this framework.

Other improvements

Beside the fix, Network framework bindings received following improvements:

  • creator functions turned into constructors;
  • funtion returning C strings wrapped with proper marshaller to return Java string.

Source code

The fix was delivered as PR439