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iOS13 PostFix #10: glkit -- missing functions (static inline now)


Report in gitter shown another problem in bindings: java.lang.UnsatisfiedLinkError: Optional @Bridge method GLKMatrix4.create(FloatBuffer;)GLKMatrix4; not bound

Quick investigation shown that this method is not available runtime anymore as tons of functions converted into static inline. Today this functions looks as bellow:

GLK_INLINE GLKMatrix4 GLKMatrix4MakeWithArray(float values[16])
    GLKMatrix4 m = { values[0], values[1], values[2], values[3],
                     values[4], values[5], values[6], values[7],
                     values[8], values[9], values[10], values[11],
                     values[12], values[13], values[14], values[15] };
    return m;

As result RoboVM is not able to resolve it runtime and use it. As long as it is not available runtime there are two options to use it:

  • get all API and .c file, build it into object file and distribute as part of bindings;
  • implement missing API in java (porting it).

While first option is preferable due performance concerns second approach will be implemented as quickest solutions. All changes were added to ios13.2 bindings branch as commit.

Other postfixes: